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20 Years and 1 000 000 km2
Our Remote Sensing Dream Team has now finished mapping all the Arid zones of South America. They have created a sharp and incredibly accurate vector layer of alteration minerals using Aster Images.
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We own a powerful Drone (plane) and use it for acquiring very high resolution images in remote areas for Mining and Exploration companies. These images are then visually interpreted for mapping geology at large scale and detecting small historical works.
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Vegetation and Monitoring
The expertise of our Dream Team is not limited to geological applications. From Vegetation Mapping to Monitoring, they have been involved in all sorts of Natural Resources Management projects using their skills in integrating spectral information from huge historical datasets.
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You are a specialist in Spatial Analysis and want to use your skills for geological applications? We have developed extremely detailed classes to teach you how to built a geological Database, How to create geological maps, how to blend the information together for targeting purposes. How to calculate resources, how to use Target and much more.

We have created a special website where you can start being an expert.

Go to
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Data and Services
Blending Raster and Vector information can be really challenging for creating advanced layer of spatial information that will help geologists finding the next big deposit. We know how to do this stuff and own the largest Geological Database for South America.

Do not hesitate to contact us for our expertise. We have good ideas, we are creative and pretty good at what we do.
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Logging System | CORE
We have dedicated a huge amount of effort in creating an application that runs on IPAD for logging core. It is designed to replace all paper entries that are still, unfortunately, too Popular. This is the finest and the best tool that you’ll find on the Market. Already many Exploration and Mining companies are using it.
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CORE Suite
We have also created a suite of individual apps that validates and organizes data entries for Sampling, Specific Gravity, Drilling Information, etc.. It creates reports on the fly and sends it to the management team.

We are really proud of our Assays App. It import automatically certificates coming from the lab.

All our apps have a spectacular interface and NO training is required .
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… And More
We have done applications for Tenure Managements, Business Opportunities and Environmental Health and Security.

We are very good at doing things differently.
Please send us a message!

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Stéphane Péloquin, Geologist, Ph. D. Remote Sensing

25 years of experience in image processing, development of specialised applications for databases management and GIS. He has developed very succesful solutions for drillhole logging and mining properties management. He has processed thousands of hyperspectral satellite images covering many countries in the world.

Speaks perfect French, English and Spanish.
Marta Benito, Geologist, M.Sc Geographical Information System

20 years of experience processing spatial data and developing local and mobile applications for GIS. She has been GIS Manager for several of biggest mining companies in the world, designing customized proprietary solutions for geological databases, also environmental and water resources.

Speaks perfect Spanish and English